XDC Network Ecosystem’s Trajectory: Wadzpay’s VARA approval, Impel’s standard, XDC Trade Network Transaction and Universal Digital Payments of Statis EUROs

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XDC Network Ecosystem’s Trajectory: Wadzpay’s VARA approval, Impel’s standard, XDC Trade Network Transaction and Universal Digital Payments of Statis EUROs
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The XDC Network ecosystem is at the heart of a transformative shift in the landscape of digital finance, and its recent achievements and innovations are set to redefine the financial technology sector.

At the forefront of this evolution is Impel, a fintech innovator within the XDC ecosystem, harnessing blockchain technology to revolutionize financial messaging, ISO 20022 compliance, instant settlement, and facilitating collaboration with the R3 Corda platform. Impel’s pivotal role within the ecosystem is driving the adoption of cutting-edge solutions in the world of financial technology.

The XDC ecosystem’s journey toward prominence is marked by significant milestones, with WadzPay, a prominent player in digital payments, securing “Initial Approval” from Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA). This achievement is a critical step in WadzPay’s pursuit of a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) License, with ramifications extending to the entire XDC ecosystem.

The impact of WadzPay’s accomplishment reverberates throughout the ecosystem. VARA licenses are now within reach for participants in the XDC ecosystem, providing them with the necessary approvals to conduct operations within Dubai’s dynamic digital economy, known for its innovation and appeal to businesses and investors worldwide.

Impel, a driving force within the ecosystem, introduces a groundbreaking financial messaging system, “Impel ISO 20022,” built upon ISO 20022 standards. This innovative system promises to enhance efficiency, security, and interoperability within the digital payment network, solidifying Impel’s position as a vanguard in the financial technology sector. Its added feature of optional collateral for instant settlement and integration with the R3 Corda platform signifies Impel’s commitment to providing forward-looking solutions to banks and fintechs, positioning them for a future characterized by enhanced connectivity and efficiency.

XDC Network’s potential in trade finance has gained recognition from global entities such as International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), World Trade Organisation (WTO), and CitiGroup, with its COO forecasting increased blockchain adoption due to the acceptance of digital trade documents. The network is on a mission to tokenize and bridge the $19 trillion trade finance asset class, supported by partnerships with Tradeteq and participation in the Trade Finance Distribution (TFD) Initiative, as well as acknowledgment in whitepapers from ICC, Trade Finance Global, and the World Trade Organization.

XDC Trade Network has recently achieved remarkable milestones in its quest to digitize trade documents and revolutionize trade financing. In a groundbreaking transaction, it successfully converted a paper BL to an electronic BL on TradeTrust, leveraging DocuTrade, and securely stored the eBL with a Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) regulated custodian. 

This historic transaction conducted over XDC Trade Network illustrated the potential for liquidity to be obtained from an alternative financier through the tokenization of real-world assets. TradeFlow Capital (the shipper) secured liquidity as soon as the ship set sail, ensuring a cash flow of 7 days during the transit period. This streamlined process allowed for easy verification and transfer of trade documents, marking a significant shift in the efficiency and security of trade financing.

Collaboration within the XDC ecosystem reaches new heights with the milestone achieved by Standard Chartered (LON: STAN ), Deutsche Bank (ETR: DBKGn ), and Stasis Euro. Their successful trial of the Universal Digital Payments Network underscores the ecosystem’s capacity to facilitate seamless cross-border digital transactions, promising businesses and individuals a faster, more secure, and cost-effective means of conducting global financial transactions.

The XDC Network ecosystem’s ascent is emblematic of the transformative potential within the digital finance landscape. As it continues to gain momentum with VARA licenses and pioneering partnerships, it is poised to shape the future of digital finance, not just in Dubai but on a global scale. These developments underscore the ecosystem’s dedication to innovation, collaboration, and efficiency, marking a new era in the world of financial technology.

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