Uncover “High Momentum Stocks” with This Simple Method

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Uncover “High Momentum Stocks” with This Simple Method
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Are you ready to take your investment journey to new heights? Look no further than InvestingPro+ and its powerful Stocks on the Rise screener. This innovative tool sifts through the vast landscape of stocks, identifying those in strong upside momentum across various time frames. But why should you pay attention to momentum investing, and how can it benefit you?

Momentum investing is a strategy that capitalizes on the tendency of stocks to continue their recent performance trends. By identifying stocks that are already on the rise, momentum investors aim to ride the wave of upward momentum for potential profit.

This strategy is grounded in the belief that stocks that have performed well in the past will continue to outperform in the future, at least in the short to medium term. Here are some of the benefits of momentum stocks:

1. Potential for Higher Returns: Momentum investing targets stocks that are already gaining traction, offering the potential for quick and substantial returns.

2. Trend Confirmation: Momentum investing aligns with the age-old adage "the trend is your friend." By identifying stocks with strong upward momentum, investors can feel confident in the direction of their investments.

3. Risk Management: Momentum investing often involves strict entry and exit criteria, allowing investors to manage risk more effectively and minimize losses.

With InvestingPro+ and its Stocks on the Rise screener, uncovering lucrative momentum opportunities has never been easier. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, this intuitive tool empowers you to identify stocks with strong upside potential across various time frames. Simply set your criteria (or let it as it is), and let InvestingPro+ do the heavy lifting for you.

Image Source: InvestingPro+

How to do it? Go to the screener tab on the left pane and click on the screener of your choice. Yep, that’s it. Scroll down on the same page to see the list of all stocks that satisfy the criterion of the screener as seen in the below image.

Image Source: InvestingPro+

But Stocks on the Rise is just the beginning. InvestingPro+ offers a range of screeners tailored to different investment styles. Whether you're interested in value stocks, dividend stocks, or other strategies, there's a screener to suit your needs. Explore the possibilities and take your investment strategy to the next level with InvestingPro+.

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