ChatGPT Predicts How Bitcoin Will End Fiat Currency

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ChatGPT Predicts How Bitcoin Will End Fiat Currency
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  • According to ChatGPT, “decentralised digital currencies” could be one way to end central banking.
  • Parman advised the bot that DeFi is a “marketing term for what is actually centralised finance to defraud people.”

ChatGPT is an innovative artificial intelligence tool equipped to solve challenging problems, proficiently coding, responding to complex questions. And signaling the extinction of fiat currencies.

Parman, an educator and author in the field of Bitcoin self-custody, predicted to ChatGPT that the emergence of Bitcoin (BTC) would be followed by a phase-out of government-issued fiat currencies, which he reported via a series of tweets.

Parman sparked a heated discussion by detailing the grounds behind his prophecy, beginning with posing a query to ChatGPT: How could humanity bring an end to central banking?

Upon its inception in the wake of 2008’s global financial adversity, the genesis block of Bitcoin carried an inscription that highlighted “Chancellor on the brink of second bailout for banks,” likely signaling founder Satoshi Nakamoto’s opposition to centralized banking.

ChatGPT Identify Blockchain Emergence

ChatGPT then identified the emergence of blockchain technology as the platform that would revolutionize global financial systems. And also end the central banking.

ChatGPT stressed how Bitcoin had the potential to give individuals autonomy over their finances, as users would no longer need to depend on centralized banking systems.

Parman, a determined Bitcoin follower, informed the AI that DeFi was essentially a camouflaged name for centralized finance designed to dupe people. Then requested it to analyze further. In reply, ChatGPT declared, “shut down fiat currency.”

Parman alludes to the genesis of Bitcoin when it was a virtual unit with no tangible worth. And without even an assurance of worth. In contrast, he remarks that the rest of the cryptocurrencies “have governing groups and hence are centralized.”

 Parman stated:

I asked the bot to clarify, was it ChatGPT, Bitcoin, or some other cryptocurrency? The response I got was that it had to be Bitcoin.

ChatGPT then concluded its analysis by adding that Bitcoin could eventually enable individuals to become their banks. And rely on a trustless system, thus eliminating the need for fiat.

The prediction of the extinction of government-issued currencies is bold. And it remains to be seen if Bitcoin will indeed become the revolutionary force it is purported to be.

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