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How to catch potential midcaps before they turn to large caps

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The broader market rally in the mid-cap and small-cap spaces in the last 5 months has been astonishing. Many stocks have gone up 2x & 3x, hence, this seems to be the right time to capitalize on the ongoing trend and show investors how to pick relatively smaller companies before they become big.

In this webinar, Aayush will explain the importance of including small companies in a well-rounded portfolio and not just relying upon blue chips. He will point out key parameters and explain how to analyze them (using InvestingPro) in order to narrow down the list of potential outperformers. The webinar will focus specifically on small and midcap stocks which resonates to more of a growth-oriented investing.

The webinar will cover InvestingPro charts which make the data representation more graphical and hence easier to interpret and gauge ongoing trends in key areas.

Aayush Khanna

Aayush Khanna is a Financial markets analyst with rich experience covering global markets, including India. At, he analyses Indian markets and provides his insights on the same. The scope of his coverage is spread across multiple assets such as equities, commodities, currency, cryptos, derivatives, etc. Sometimes he also writes educational content to equip readers with market-relevant tools, methods, and strategies to help them make better-informed decisions. He is also personally active in the financial markets and manages his investments.
How to catch potential midcaps before they turn to large caps
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