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Drive to the Best Equity-Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS) (Hindi)

Drive to the Best Equity-Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS) (Hindi)

Monday, July 31, 2017

Expert: Sanchit Taksali
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Selecting a right equity linked scheme is always a cumbersome process and takes time & in-depth research to find the one which has the potential to give immense returns in the long-run. With the search for the best, makes this webinar a must watch for those who wants to build wealth while saving taxes without juggling up with the any third party sites.

The Audience for these topics will be Individuals, Professionals, Students, Advisor, and Retired Persons who want to stay informed and up to date. Also for the companies who are looking for their employees welfare.

The aim is to enrich the audience with the knowledge and importance of Investment into Mutual Fund ELSS (Tax Saving Scheme) and its Risk-Reward Ratio.
The learning is with respect to understanding the Financial Ratio and its Benefits while making investment into ELSS Scheme for the long-term. In addition to the critical issues which affects individual’s Scheme selection decision, audiences will be able to identify which ELSS to buy and when to review. And after the webinar, audiences will also able to answer the reason for selecting the specific ELSS with its pros and cons.
At the last, they’ll make decisions which not only build their wealth but also drive to the Best ELSS Scheme available in the Indian Financial Market.

Mr. Taksali will cover the Following Topics in his webinar. The objective is to identify the Value Stock which possess the potential to  create wealth: 
1. Understanding the Benefits of investing into ELSS
2. Building an Excel Sheet to identify the best ELSS
3. Comparison with the peers
4. And  tools which gives a buy signal.   

The webinar is interactive and includes a Q&A session 

Sanchit Taksali

Mr. Sanchit Taksali, Financial Planner with Master's in Business Administration (MBA) in Finance from Tier B-School. Worked with several renowned financial service industries where he has contributed his skills and knowledge to the superiors like a veteran. He has couple of years working experience in various field of Finance i.e. on Financial Modelling, Equity Research (both Technically and Fundamentally), Compliance, Coaching, and Advisory. Currently, with Investiture - Your Personal Financial Planner, he focuses on helping individuals in resolving the Personal Finances Issues like a Financial friend
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