Top 5 Best Defi Projects to Invest in 2022

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Decentralized finance (DeFi) is filling the gap between the novelty world of cryptocurrencies and the traditional financial system we all are well aware of. The DeFi project provides users with some financial services such as loans, lending, and insurance, which are normal with traditional financial institutions.

In the crypto market, not all crypto projects include these financial services in their portfolio, that’s why DeFi projects are considered an important part of every diversified investment plan.

It is a challenge to stay up-to-date with the best DeFi projects in such a fast-paced blockchain environment. That's why we did extensive research for you and found the top DeFi projects to invest in 2022.

5 Defi Projects to Invest in 2022

1. PancakeSwap

Pancake Swap is a BNB chain-based decentralized exchange (DEX) project that allows users to swap BEP-20 tokens in an easy and affordable way. It has seen strong growth and it is definitely a good investment given its token value. By the way, the project has a native token - the CAKE token.

On PanCake you can exchange BEP-20 tokens, stake cake tokens in syrup pools, lend and provide liquidity on Automated Market Maker (AMM), IFO (Early Form offer), and trade NFTs on its own NFT Marketplace.

From the security point of view, PancakeSwap is very safe to use, it has never been hacked. The only risks of using a pancake swap exchange relate to the potential for temporary losses and scams in the fields.

2. UniSwap

Uniswap (UNI) is one of the leading decentralized exchanges built on the Ethereum blockchain. The project also has a native token - the UNI token. UNI is ranked among the five best DeFi coins by market cap.

Uniswap is quite a popular DeFi project among investors worldwide, for its strict user privacy. It is also known for its dynamic approach to upgrading the system as per the needs of investors.

UNI is considered one of the best DeFi projects and coins because it has a strong community of over a million crypto enthusiasts who are interested in everything related to this promising crypto.

3. Metaple

Metaple is defined as a decentralized financial (DeFi) solution that enables users to emerge their crypto assets via staking, swapping, farming activities, and play-to-earn games.

The services of Metaple Finance give users complete control over their assets and enable them to communicate with this ecosystem through peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized applications (DApps) and incorporate the AMM practice.

This project has the best offering with interest rates on the market share. It also shows the staking pool and by using it, users can earn better instantly. Under Metaple, the process of creating an account, saving your assets, and then earning on it becomes straightforward.

4. panKUKU

panKUKU is the biggest DEX project in the market and after choosing it you don’t have to wander here and there in search of DeFi platforms, coins, products, and services. The project has a fully featured exchange, a robust NFT marketplace — KUKU Shop, and its native token — KUKU token.

Along with the above features the project has KUKU Farm, KUKU Swap, Lottery, Pool, Predictions, Launchpad, KUKU wallet, and KUKU Play. You can invest in panKUKU from CoinsBit, but it is also listed on various popular exchanges like CoinStore, Latoken, Azbit, Dex-Trade, Tokpie, Pancakeswap, and Biswas.

This DeFi project has burned a total of 100,000,000,000 KUKU tokens recently, and with this move, the supply of the token gets reduced and this has also increased the value of the KUKU token.

5. Sushiswap

Launched in August 2020, Sushiswap is yet another popular DeFi project that allows you to swap, earn, stack, lend, and borrow crypto on one decentralized, community-driven platform.

Sushi Swap is a type of decentralized exchange (DEX) that works on the concept of an automated market maker (AMM). It lets users trade cryptocurrency tokens, but there is no central authority governing the trades. Instead, Sushi Swap automatically sets the price with mathematical formulas and processes trades using smart contracts.

Sushi is its native token, and as per price predictions, is a good option to invest in. Sushi will prove to be a leader in the entire cryptocurrency world, based on the fundamentals of credibility and strong performance of liquidity.

That’s it for now in this list of 5 best Defi projects to invest in in 2022 and beyond. These projects and their tokens are reliable and growing at a rapid pace. So if you are interested in making an investment in a DeFi project, choose one from above.

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