Is Airtight Crypto And Conventional Overseas Banking Integration A Reality

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The word of cryptocurrency is a dynamic one. At one end of the spectrum, the economic possibilities of crypto-based transactions are enormous that promises profitability for both individual as well as a nation’s economy. However, at the other end the regulations and restrictions set by the countries as well as the centralised banking system continues to ban or hinder crypto-based transactions thereby denying an individual their fundamental right of profitability as well as hampering the huge economic benefits for a nation that may otherwise thrive with cryptocurrency based transactions.

The problem of the prevalent system lies in the anonymity of the cryptocurrencies. This singular characteristic seemed to have dampened the countless other benefits that the blockchain technology offers. What is required is a solution that brings forth the brilliance of the blockchain technology to the mainstream and help everyone gain through cryptocurrency based transactions for a sustained and progressive economy.

Welcome Victorieum.

Victorieumis a blockchain based off-shore banking system that offers all benefits and more when compared to a traditional banking system and other crypto based banking platforms. Some of the major features of this unique ecosystem are as listed below:

  • Account holders are provided withInternational Bank Account Number (IBAN) andBank Identifier Code (BIC) which are used as an account number and sort code respectively. These assets are in a recognisable international format thus helping process international payments in a much faster, efficient and secured manner.

  • Comes equipped withSWIFT MT103 swift money transfer for international payments. The system facilitates instantSWAP between cryptocurrencies and fiat with major fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, etc. fully supported.

  • TheVictorieum Exchange that’s connected to the Victorieum bank enables faster fiat deposits and withdrawals.

  • Smart technologies such asTrezorTM,CivicTM, and many more are integrated into the Victorieum exchange enabling total security for the users.

  • The platform uses thelatest cutting-edge technology and is the first one amongst the other platforms to do so.

  • Attractive discounts offeredon trade for Victorieum token holders. Depending on the number of tokens being held, discounts of upto 90% can be availed on trades.

  • Referral bonus of 30% of the user fees.

  • For VIP clients transacting $100000 USD,personal managers are assigned.

  • Effective communication through sms and emails with live coin prices.

  • TheVictorieum team comprises of individuals with tremendous experience in technology, web development, customer service and marketing thus ensuring huge trade volumes and absolute assurance on technological sophistication and communication.

The Victorieum account holders are also benefitted from a system that’s completely decentralized and offering the highest level of security and trust. The platform offers al the services of a traditional banking system such as credit cards, loans, asset-management, etc.
The mandatory KYC of users mitigates risks that time and again causes serious regulation issues for other crypto-based banking platforms.

The platform offers an unique opportunity for income in a passive way. The Victorieum Passive Income Program offers users the opportunity to earn profits of 15%, 20%, 25%, and 30% when tokens are locked for a period of 3, 6, 9, and 12 months respectively.

Victorieum as an Investment

When looked upon as an investment option, Victorieum provides a host of benefits as listed below:

  • Customizeddeposittypes products suiting anyone’s need and convenience.

  • Option of Current Account facility to Corporate and individual clients.

  • Savings account, Fixed-term deposit accounts and products similar to mutual funds.

  • Provision of credit card through Mastercard/VISA

  • Facilities for Checking accounts, Daily Liquidity accounts and Multi-currency accounts.

  • Outsourced FOREX available for foreign trade.

  • Investment Consultancy Services for guidance and assistance towards sustained growth and profitability.

  • Insurance brokerage and crypto-backed loans.

Victorieum ICO details

The ICO is issued in 6 stages.
The presale stage would offer 100 million tokens at a price of 1 cent per token with a bonus of 40%.

  • Stage-1 would offer 100 million tokens at a price of 6 cent per token with a bonus of 35%.
  • Stage-2 would offer 100 million tokens at a price of 9 cent per token with a bonus of 30%.
  • Stage-3 would offer 100 million tokens at a price of 12 cent per token with a bonus of 25%.
  • Stage-4 would offer 100 million tokens at a price of 16 cent per token with a bonus of 20%.
  • Stage-5 would offer 100 million tokens at a price of 21 cent per token with a bonus of 15%.

The accepted currencies are Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETC) with USA being a restricted country.Victorieum is redefining the off-shore crypto-based banking system with the revolutionary blockchain technology with its plethora of services and benefits. The platform is not just the future of banking but a company worth investing in. Victorieum is well on its way to be the leader of the next generation banking.

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