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While you start earning money, the next thing you do is to find some investment options to invest and earn a profit. Whether you are a beginner or a pro-investor, most of you want to make investments in a way that you get instant profit as quickly as possible without any risks of losing money. This may be the reason why more and more people are hiring professionals who can assist in an invest procedure with the top investment plans that can double your money within a few months. However, investments with low risks and high profits do not exist and one needs to be adaptable to such risk factors and low-profit scenarios. But, the question is where should you spend your money?

Here are the top 5 options for making investments in 2019:

1. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are great options for investing money for rapid returns. Plus, they are less risky than any other investment options only if you are prepared to invest in any type of mutual funds. For those who don't know mutual funds, they are a portfolio of stocks or bonds who bring together a group of people and invest their money on their behalf. With each share the owner gets to ear profit depending on the market stability and trends, If you are saving a bit of money to invest, then mutual funds can help you understand the complexity of stock market easily.

2. Real Estate

Another smart investment option would be to invest in real estate market as apart from the house you live in, you can purchase another property in a location where the value of the property is going to increase in the future so that you can earn from it. Unlike other investment options, real estate is highly illiquid, which means you need to be very careful while purchasing a property and should as for professional help to avoid any legal mishaps in the future.

3. Insurance Plans

Apart from everything, the best investment for a first timer may be an insurance policy be it health insurance or life insurance policy. You may not get the money out of it, but the benefits are unlimited as far as the health and financial security is concerned. You can make sure that you and your family is being protected from any health emergency which may get you into financial trouble due to high medical expenses. You can opt for a good insurance plan, which offers financial help in illness, disease and accidental injuries without creating a hole in your pocket. Most of the people invest in health insurance as they know that health emergencies can arrive at any time.

4. Gold

Indians believe in investing in gold in the form of jewelry, which is going to be the biggest asset for their generations to come. Whether you invest in gold coins or gold jewelry, the price is going to be less volatile. The gold market has the record of being high almost every time and when it touches the peak, you can utilize the benefits by preserving their wealth. Another important reason to invest in Gold is the global acceptability, which means you can trade it anywhere regardless of what is your location.

5. Bank Fixed Deposit

The fixed deposit has been a traditional choice of making an investment in India. The credit is made under the deposit with Credit Guarantee Corporation according to which, a fixed deposit is insured with maximum Rs. 1 lakh for both interest and principal amount. You can choose the plan as per your needs be it monthly, quarterly or yearly which later gives you added interest on the amount and taxed as per the income slab. A youngster who has stated earning should go for such type of investment to have secured financial future. Some of the investments are of fixed income investments while others are linked to the market trends, which you can change as per your interest and preference.

No matter what your reasons are, it is important to understand each and every type of investment before investing an amount as these are subjects to market risks, for which you have no idea about. Get professional support who can help you with mixed investment, keeping the risk factors in mind, and you can get early outcomes with each of the investments.

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